inFlow Cloud 

Showrooms are websites you can instantly create to share product details with anyone

Share your product offerings with your customers. Include details such as price, stock levels and more—you control who has access as well as what to show. Share unique versions of your showroom that show your customers exactly what they need.

Perfect for private price lists, B2B portals, custom online catalogs, read-only inventory access for your staff and more.

Make more sales

You can choose to give your customers a real-time view into your stock levels – just like all the big stores do – so they won’t have to call and ask if a product’s in stock. Plus, if they see it’s running low, they’ll know they need to order soon!

Your own 
product website 
(without extra fees)

Your showroom’s information is dynamically pulled from your inFlow Cloud database so there’s no need to make separate updates to stock or pricing. Plus, there are no extra fees! Showroom is included with your inFlow Cloud subscription.

Complete control over what you share

Make your showroom publicly available, or keep it by invitation only. Show all your inFlow products, or select only a few. Choose to hide your stock levels, share exact levels, or simply let customers know that a product is in stock.

Customizable pricing for each customer

Curate a special access showroom by sending an invitation to each of your customers. This way, you can share exclusive pricing with your VIP customers.

Read-only access for your employees

Share stock levels and product details with your staff or sales team members who don’t have access to inFlow.

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