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      • Christopher Gannon

        Hi there,
        I’ve been using inflow for a while and would like to see the following introduced into the future.

        1. Purchasing – Purchase Quotes from suppliers (would be really useful when sourcing).
        2. Purchasing – order statuses (eg. New/Unfulfilled/*Ordered*/Fulfilled)
        3. Sales/Inventory – an option to generate work orders for set products when picking in Sales. This would be handy for those of us that make the same things over and over using the same materials and work orders are a background task just to maintain stock. If the sale was then deleted, so would the work order and stock adjusted automatically.
        4. Statements – custom document option
        5. Statements – automatic emailing on a set day and time as set by the user
        6. Customers – multiple contacts as a list table with the following headers: Name, Title, Phone, Email
        7. Customers – credit limit and credit or account on hold
        8. Customers – alerts when the customer is loaded
        9. Customers – customer specific pricing defined by product at the customer level. This would be another tab and would allow you to set pricing per product. This would be handy for those of us that do contract pricing that is customer specific. The current price tiers don’t cut it. This is a fairly standard option in other products.
        10. Inventory – product description for ordering by supplier. This would be an additional option in Product > Product Vendors tab. Reason is, a lot of companies have a description for sales and another for ordering. When ordering, especially OEM products from a factory, the description of an item can be quite long and very different to what you want your customer seeing.

        Thank you

Viewing 0 reply threads

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