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CANNOT Fulfill a PO – errors

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        I have an open PO in inFLow On-Premise. Been using inFlow for years without an issue.

        If I click Fulfill, it doesn’t give me the red fulfilled stamp, but wants me to Save.

        If I click Save, I get a red text error in bottom footer that says “Save Failed. Changes are NOT saved. Please try again”

        Trying again doesn’t work obviously (and neither does anything else I can think of).

        If I click on a different PO, I’m told “Your changes haven’t been saved yet. Do you want them saved?”

        Clicking Save, I get a popup window that says “Your changes have some errors and cannot be saved. Do you want to proceed without saving?”

        Nothing I do will Fulfill this PO. Need some help.

        Note, this seems to be only affecting this single PO.


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